Welcome to NTerdb, a database of mature protein N-termini.

N-ter acetylation Mature Ntermini position start Subcellular localization

Protein N-terminal status is crucial in protein fate and protein half-life. Some of the most frequent protein N-termini modifications are co-translational and associated to Met excision and/or N-terminal acetylation. Some others occur post-translationally such as the excision of a targeting/transit peptide as observed for nuclear coded proteins targeting to the mitochondrial or the chloroplast organelles.

Our large-scale N-terminomics analyses provide some highly relevant data that have been integrated in a dedicated database i.e., NTerdb.

Such collected data were curated for subcellular localisation, protein N-terminus status and mature N-terminal starting position using the data redundancy and the annotations available in various databases.

The NTerdb contains more than 200.000 mature experimental N-termini related to 35.000 distinct non-redundant proteins. Nearly 8.000 proteins have been manually curated for subcellular localization and/or mature protein position start. The process of validation is still in progress...

Proteins with experimental data Proteins curated (subcell. localization,
N-termini position start)